Learning lessons from youngsters…


Harnessing the enthusiasm and bright ideas of youngsters is critical to the success of the City Centre Masterplan.

Pupils from city schools (including Dyce Primary, pictured above) have already shared their views on a number of projects, including Union Terrace Gardens, Provost Skene’s House and Aberdeen in Colour.

Their feedback was given the same weighting as adults’ and influenced in a direct way how projects were developed.

Youngsters from nine schools worked with Shmu (Station House Media Unit) to make a short film describing what the city centre means to them and why it’s important to have a say in how it develops.

The schools were: Bramble Brae Primary School; Hanover Primary School; Harlaw Academy; Hazlewood School; Middleton Park Primary School; Northfield Academy; Robert Gordon’s College; St Joseph’s Primary School; and Walker Road Primary.

The film (click below) is being shared with all schools and will help set the context for future engagement exercises.

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