As major public and private investment in the buildings of Schoolhill completes later in 2019, Aberdeen City Council is delivering a public realm project to make the area’s western end a more attractive and inclusive place by improving the accessibility and amenity around the War Memorial and Art Gallery.

The project, which will re-establish Schoolhill as key destination, is one of several initiatives being delivered in support of the City Centre Masterplan vision.

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Developed with Aberdeen’s Disability Equity Partnership and key stakeholders, the Schoolhill project will widen footways on the northern side by reducing the current carriageway (to a width that continues to allow 2-way traffic), as well as providing new steps and graded access to the Gallery and enhancing the setting for the War Memorial.

Aberdeenshire Corrennie pink granite will be used for the new steps – matching the Art Gallery façade – and Scottish whinstone for the footways, while local grey Blackhills granite, not used before in the city centre, will form the new ramp to the café entrance.

The project has attracted funding support from the regional transport partnership Nestrans and from Transport Scotland in partnership with the active travel charity, Sustrans Scotland. 

A proposal to continue its aims for the remainder of the Schoolhill area is being drawn up by the Council for consideration.

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