Roads to Success

The Masterplan has four major transport projects aimed at increasing pedestrian priority (83% of consultation respondents had called for this) and delivering a greener, safer, healthier, better-connected city centre.

Broad Street was chosen as the starting point because changes there would potentially have least impact on traffic movement across the city.


Modelling shows:

  • Almost a third of traffic is simply passing through the city centre
  • Almost half of trips to car parks involve cross city centre movements
  • Nearly three quarters of city centre journeys are less than three miles

To deliver the full City Centre Masterplan, it is anticipated traffic levels would need to be cut by a fifth.

A range of measures are planned to reduce the need for cross-city driving, including better car parking arrangements, making walking and cycling more attractive, and improvements to public transport. The new Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route will greatly assist with delivery.

As transport projects come forward, each will be subject to detailed scrutiny and the normal development control processes.