City Living

06/07/16 Housing construction at Smithfiueld Development

A “living city for everyone” is one of the Masterplan’s eight objectives and the aim is to add 3,000 new residents (1,500 homes) to the city centre over the next 25 years.

Proposals for the next stage of delivery of the Masterplan were informed by the City Centre Living Study, carried out Savills, which had recommended that Aberdeen City Council form a dedicated city living team and treat the redevelopment of Queen Street as a flagship project.

The Council has allocated £500,000 to assemble a team to progress the vision for the redevelopment of Queen Street as a residential quarter as well as actions aimed at increasing the number of city centre homes.

In September 2018 the Council agreed to waive the affordable housing contribution in the city centre for the next two years to help offset the financial risk associated with city centre development.

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