Quick Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of Aberdeen with these 10 questions.


1. Aberdeen Harbour Board is Britain’s oldest business. When was it established?
Ο  1136
Correct! And it’s still going strong, with a £350 million expansion plan.
Ο  1436
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  1736
Incorrect. Try again.

2. Which famous London landmark is made from Aberdeen granite?
Ο  Waterloo Bridge
Correct! Aberdeen granite was also used for the terraces of the Houses of Parliament.
Ο  Big Ben
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  St Paul’s Cathedral
Incorrect. Try again.

3. Until the mid-1800s Aberdeen had two universities, the same number as all of..?
Ο  England
Correct! King’s College and Marischal College united to form the modern University of Aberdeen. Today Aberdeen also has the Robert Gordon University.
Ο  Europe
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Scotland
Incorrect. Try again.
4. What fraction of the recoverable oil reserves in the North Sea has still to be developed?
Ο  Half
Correct! Around 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent.
Ο  A quarter
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Three-quarters
Incorrect. Try again.
5. What sport began in the 1860s in Aberdeen?
Ο  Water polo
Correct! On the River Dee, one of two rivers that flow through the city (the other is the Don).
Ο  Darts
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Badminton
Incorrect. Try again.
6. Astronomer Sir David Gill, from Aberdeen, took the first successful high definition photograph of what?
Ο  The Moon
Correct! In the 1860s. A crater is named after him.
Ο  The Northern Lights
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Mars
Incorrect. Try again.

13/07/10 St Nicholas Street

7. Aberdeen is renowned for its floral splendour. The city has won Britain in Bloom a record number of times. How many?
Ο  3
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  5
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  10
Correct! Up to 2018.
8. Professor Michael Kosterlitz, who grew up in Aberdeen, won the Nobel Prize in 2016. In which field?
Ο  Physics
Correct! He shared it with David Thouless and Duncan Haldane for explaining the strange physical behaviour of condensed matter.
Ο  Literature
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Peace
Incorrect. Try again.
9. Aberdeen has the largest fleet of what kind of powered buses in Europe?
Ο  Hydrogen fuel cell
Correct! The city is pioneering green energy technology.
Ο  Battery
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Diesel
Incorrect. Try again.
10. How much annual rainfall does Aberdeen get compared to Miami in Florida, USA?
Ο  Half as much
Correct! Aberdeen’s temperature is also 1C above the Scottish average.
Ο  The same
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Twice as much
Incorrect. Try again.
  • Thanks to Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce for its help in drawing up this quiz.

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