Kids Quiz 1

1. Where is the cycle race shown above taking place?
Ο  Paris
Try again.
Ο  London
Try again.
Ο  Aberdeen
Correct! It is one of many annual events held in the city centre.
2. How old is Aberdeen?
Ο  8,000 years
Correct! People first settled at the mouths of the city’s rivers where they found food.
Ο  800 years
Try again.
Ο  8 million years
Try again.
3. Aberdeen is known as The Granite City. But what is granite?
Ο A type of flour used in bread making
Try again.
Ο The name of an ancient city ruler called Granite the Great
Try again.
Ο The stone used for many city centre buildings

4. The sculpture pictured above is found in the new Marischal Square in the city centre. What kind of animal does it show?
Ο  A leopard
Correct! The sculpture, called Poised, is by Andy Scott.
Ο  A tiger
Try again.
Ο  A wolf
Try again.
5. Which sea creature can be spotted close to Aberdeen city centre?
Ο  Turtle
Try again.
Ο  Dolphin
Correct! They gather at the harbour mouth and are sometimes seen off the beach too.
Ο  Walrus
Try again.