Christmas Quiz

St Nicholas Church

1. In any given year Aberdeen is the Scottish city most likely to have a White Christmas. On average how often does snow fall on December 25?
Ο  Once every 4 years
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Once every 6 years
Correct! The chance of a White Christmas is 1 in 8 for Inverness, 1 in 10 for Edinburgh and 1 in 12 for Glasgow.
Ο  Once every 10 years
Incorrect. Try again.
2. Which multi-million selling singer switched on Aberdeen’s Christmas lights in 1995?
Ο  Daniel O’Donnell
Ο  Lulu
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Annie Lennox
Incorrect. Try again.
3. The mountainous Cairngorms National Park near Aberdeen is home to which festive creature?
Ο  Turtle Dove
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Wild Turkey
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Reindeer
Correct! They were reintroduced in 1952.

4. Aberdeen composer Professor Paul Mealor penned the 2011 Christmas No.1, performed by the Military Wives Choir with Gareth Malone. What was the song called?
Ο Wherever You Are
Correct! Prof Mealor scored an historic double by holding No.1 in the Specialist Classical Album chart with “A Tender Light” at the same time.
Ο Wherever You Sail
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Wherever You Go
Incorrect. Try again.
5.  How many visits were made over the festive season to the Aberdeen Christmas Village when it first occupied Broad Street in 2017?
Ο  100,000
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  200,000
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  400,000
Correct! The Village (below) has doubled in size for 2018.

05/12/18 Aberdeen Christmas village on Broad street

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