A Sporting Chance

The North-east of Scotland’s winning ways will be showcased in Provost Skene’s House when it re-opens as a new attraction. Test your knowledge of our sporting champions.  


1. Which swimming club did Commonwealth Games gold medalist David Carry (above) belong to?
Ο  Aberdeen Dolphins
Ο  Granite City Graylings
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Silver City Seals
Incorrect. Try again.
2. Sir Alex Ferguson began his managerial career with which football club?  
Ο  St Johnstone
Incorrect. Sir Alex did play professionally for them. Try again.
Ο  Queen’s Park
Incorrect. Sir Alex did play as an amateur for them. Try again.
Ο  East Stirlingshire
Correct! Part-time for £40 a week.
3. In 1860, athlete and strongman Donald Dinnie (1837-1916) carried two granite boulders across Potarch Bridge on Deeside. What was the combined weight of the “Dinnie Stones”?
Ο  233lbs
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  533lbs
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  733lbs
Correct! About the weight of a Grizzly Bear.


4. Learning to swim as a child, Commonwealth Games gold medalist Hannah Miley (above) was invited to move up a group. Why was she reluctant to?  
Ο  It would have meant attending extra lessons
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  She was scared of the deep end
Ο  She didn’t enjoy swimming in a lane
Incorrect. Try again.
5. Willie Miller won his 50th Scottish cap at the 1986 World Cup against which team?
Ο  West Germany
Correct! He would go on to be capped 65 times. 
Ο  Brazil
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Holland
Incorrect. Try again.


6. In 1962 Denis Law (above) made a record-breaking move from Italian side Torino to Manchester United. How much was he transferred for?
Ο  £1,150,000 
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  £115,000
Correct! The highest fee paid for a British player at the time.
Ο  £11,500
Incorrect. Try again.
7. Dame Katherine Grainger struck gold in the Double Sculls at the 2012 London Olympics. Besides rowing, where did her focus lie that year?   
Ο  Learning Portuguese in preparation for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Completing a Doctor of Philosophy in Law  
Ο  Hosting the quiz show Countdown
Incorrect. Dame Katherine did, however, appear as a guest five times in 2013.


8. Neil Fachie (above) won a gold in cycling at the 2012 London Paralympics – but which discipline had he switched from?
Ο  Sprinting
Correct! He qualified for 100m and 200m at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.
Ο  Swimming
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Weight lifting 
Incorrect. Try again.

9. In 1959 Ian Black – an early winner of BBC Sports Personality of the Year – set a new world record in which event?
Ο  400-metre individual medley
Correct! Ian’s amazing versatility allowed him to excel in an event combining butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
Ο  400-metre freestyle
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  400-metre butterfly
Incorrect. Try again.
10. To celebrate canoeist Timothy Baillie’s gold at the London 2012 Olympics, a post box was painted gold in his home town – where?
Ο  Inverurie
Incorrect. Try again
Ο  Stonehaven
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Westhill


11. After winning the Open Championship at Carnoustie in 1999 what did Paul Lawrie (above) do?
Ο  Drove home to Aberdeen with the claret jug in the back seat of his car
Ο  Chartered a helicopter to Gleneagles for a celebration 
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Stayed over in Carnoustie to play the course again next morning
Incorrect. Try again.

Sporting_Champions_VisualProvost Skene’s House will also feature star performers from the world of the arts, entertainment, science and business. 


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