A Question of Influence

Provost Skene’s House is set to reopen in autumn 2020 as a new attraction celebrating more than 100 local people who over the centuries transformed the world. Here are 10 of them – how much do you know about their global influence?

1. Robert William Thomson (1822–1873) made driving more relaxing by inventing what?
Ο  Disc brakes
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Pneumatic tyre
Correct! Adding air-cushioned comfort.
Ο  Turn-key ignition 
Incorrect. Try again.
2. Video game producer Leslie Benzies, above, drove development of which ground-breaking series?
Ο  Call of Duty
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Grand Theft Auto
Ο  The Legend of Zelda
Incorrect. Try again.
3. Margaret Myles (1892–1988) was a life-saving reformer in which field?
Ο  Anesthesia
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Midwifery
Correct! She wrote “Textbook for Midwives” which became a global guide.
Ο  Pediatrics
Incorrect. Try again.
4. John Henry Anderson (1814–1874) was the first magician to perform which iconic trick?
Ο  Making someone vanish from a cabinet
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Pulling a rabbit from a hat
Correct! Take a bow…
Ο  Sawing someone in half
Incorrect. Try again.
5. Nan Shepherd (1893–1981) wrote one of the finest books about the natural world. What was it called?
Ο  Ring of Bright Water
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  The Living Mountain
Correct! An ode to The Cairngorms on her native Deeside.
Ο  Sunset Song
Incorrect. Try again.
6. Thomas Blake Glover (1838 –1911) was a key player in Japan’s industrial revolution. Which corporation did he help establish?
Ο  Nissan
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Mitsubishi
Correct! It evolved from a shipping company Glover had formed. 
Ο  Toyota
Incorrect. Try again.
7. Nobel laureate John Macleod (1876–1935), above, helped discover which hormone?
Ο  Cortisol
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Insulin
Correct! Insulin is used to treat diabetes.
Ο  Testosterone
Incorrect. Try again.
8. Speech therapist Catherine Hollingworth (1904–1999) was the founder of which institution?
Ο  The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  The Children’s Theatre
Correct! It went on to develop an international reputation.
Ο  Scottish Opera
Incorrect. Try again.
9. Pete Cashmore (born 1985) developed the pioneering digital media news website Mashable…
Ο  … during an internship in Silicon Valley
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  … in his bedroom while growing up in Banchory
Correct! He was still a teenager when he launched it.
Ο  … after “friending” Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook
Incorrect. Try again.
10. Rower Katherine Grainger (born 1975), who trained on the River Dee, is Britain’s most decorated female Olympian. How many medals has she won?
Ο  Six
Incorrect. Try again.
Ο  Five
Correct! Her haul includes a Gold at the London Olympics 2012.
Ο  Four
Incorrect. Try again.

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